3D FEM ultimate / 50

3D FEM ultimate / 50

3D Bridge and Structural Engineering


The high-end packages for structural engineering

The 3D FEM ultimate and ultimate 50 packages provide all the tools for modern structural analysis in civil engineering and bridge design. In addition to the graphical input capability by the AutoCAD® add-on SOFiPLUS, the parametric axis - related graphical modeling CABD or the Master-cross section which allows any cross sectional profile, can be used. The usage of Pre- and post-tensioned beam- and shell-elements, along with the ULS and SLS design and stress checks offer the capability of project analysis of  prestressed concrete and composite systems. Full geometrically nonlinear analysis (Theory of 3rd order) gives the possibility for cable and shell buckling calculations. Traffic load calculation with influence line method and a large library of road and railway loads, is also available to the user. High-end SOFiSTiK technologies such as DYNA for dynamic analysis and HASE for semi-infinite solid simulation can be added optionally.

Ultimate 50 comprises all features from the 3D FEM ultimate package with the limitation to a maximum project size of 50m x 50m x 20m.


What Features does the Package offer?

  • 3D FE Beam-,pile-, shell-, slab- and shear wall elements
  • Arbitrary beam cross-sections and Master-cross sections with graphical input
  • Down- and upstand beams as finite beam elements
  • Eigenvalues
  • Parametrical graphical modeling (CABD)
  • Pre- and post-tensioning for beam- and shell-elements
  • Simulation of construction stages and time-dependent effects
  • 3D R/C design in ULS and SLS according to various codes (e.g. EN 1992 with NAs: BS, EHE, FIN, IDM, NF; BS 8110, SNIP)
  • ULS and SLS design and stress checks for composite- and post-tensioned sections)
  • Special calculation of road bridges to the Nachrechnungsrichtlinie
  • Nonlinear springs and worklaws for springs
  • Nonlinear beam elements for R/C and steel
  • Full geometric nonlinear analysis (cable sag, shell buckling etc.)
  • Steel design analysis according to Eurocode (EE, EP with automatic sectional classification for classes 1-3 and automatic determination of effective areas for class 4)
  • Influence line evaluation and traffic load library (Road and Railway)
  • Interactive graphical post-processing and plotting
  • Integration of area-element results

What are the conditions?

  • For graphical system input with SOFiPLUS, AutoCAD ® or AutoCAD ® OEM license is required.
  • For full accessibility to BIM modelling,  Autodesk® Revit® Structure is required.
  • For the optimal usage of SOFiSTiK Software, we recommend the Software-service purchase for updates and software support.
  • Contact us for an individual offer or for Network and Multilicences.

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