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it´s been a while since we were sending out the last newsletter, but with the new release of the latest program versions (FEA23, SOFiPLUS and SOFiCAD) there´s a significant reason to send out a new one ! For any feedback or questions simply send us an email to !



Updates for SOFiSTiK 23, SOFiPLUS und SOFiCAD available

As of last Tuesday the latest versions and servicepacks for the SOFiSTiK FEA 23, SOFiPLUS, SOFiCAD and the REVIT Extensions are available via SONAR. Detailed info about each program´s changes can be obtained from the LOG-files. SONAR offers a nice feature to let you read the difference of your local and the latest log-file on the server before you press the update-button ! Simply use the right-mouse click on the program list on one program and select "change-log". Major changes for SOFiPLUS are also published in the SOFiSTiK forum.

Attention: From July 1st a new SONAR/FTP password is active ! It can be obtained from the service-contract invoice, your local sales SOFiSTiK reseller or us, if you write us an email at !


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New Release Cycle

From the beginning of August we changed to a 2-month-release cycle for all programs in order to assure a optimal compromise between quality/stability and flexibility to implement new features. These releases will be archived by SOFiSTiK and made available to you in case of any problems. Of course you can still download the latest BETA-versions within these 2 months, but keep in mind that thea have a lower quality/stability level and cannot be supported until they get officially released.

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Improved performance for SOFiSTiK 23 solvers under 64bit Windows

The new Windows versions of all SOFiSTiK core modules can use up to 4GB of RAM running under a 64bit  Windows operating system (with the programs still remaining 32bit applications).  This significantly improves the performance, as larger systems - which require more than 2GB of RAM under 32bit windows can be analyzed using the fast Sparse-Solver under 64bit Windows.

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ASE - Unstressed cable lengths and transverse pile bedding

The analysis of cable systems and lightweight structures often requires the consideration of unstressed cable lengths. Previously, it was necessary to determine a prestress corresponding to the deformations of the system in the primary state.
With the new version of ASE, a total or differential-length of the cable at built-in state can be specified,  the program determines the resulting prestress according to the current system configuration. Transverse pile bedding is now stored relative to local directions of the pile. This improves the determination of corresponding forces and the resultant quality in a staged analysis.

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CSM - Enhanced precamber analysis

The standard precamber analysis of the Construction Stage Manager CSM can be integrated into a force optimization without adding variables for the prescribed displacement boundary conditions.  Results of a precamber analysis are often processed in a tabular format. CSM can be used as a post-processing tool to generate a tabulated printout of the displacement values in different styles. Examples can be found in the folder csm.dat (csm26.. und csm29..) of the SOFiSTiK installation.

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Information on decisive design check

Using the new versions of BEMESS and WinGRAF, a display of the decisive design check for the QUAD element reinforcements is available. With the graphical representation in WinGRAF, it is easily possible to check whether a certain reinforcement was determined by e.g. the minimum reinforcement, ULS-, SLS- or punching shear design.

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SOFiSTiK Revit Extensions available

The SOFiSTiK Revit Extensions provide a seamless integration of FE analysis with all features of the SOFiSTiK software package. Automatic FE meshing, using one of the most powerful 3D mesh-generators, can be started directly from Revit Structure to allow quick system changes of the calculation model. The following elements are currently implemented:

  • Slabs, walls and columns
  • All families containing an analytical model
  • Point-, line- and area loading
  • Load cases
  • Suppport conditions
  • Grids

Immediate review of the structural model is possible starting ANIMATOR and WinGRAF directly from Revit. The system can then be integrated into a SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) project to perform further analysis and design steps. The modification of the model is also possible using SOFiSTiK´s AutoCAD 2009 add on SOFiPLUS.


Download Revit Extensions for SOFiSTiK >>
Further information about Revit Structure >>
Further information about Building Information Modeling (BIM)

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Software certification for Russia

The conformity certificate - also known as GOST-certificate - issued by the Russian authority for software certification in civil engineering (GP CPS) has been renewed. This document is required for the submission of calculations performed using SOFiSTiK software in Russia.

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Olympic Reference-Project - Athletes´Alley

As for today´s start of the Olympic Games in Beijing we´d like to present one of the most extraordanary customer projects of the recent months -"Athletes´Alley"

Our client  C&E ingénierie, Paris´/France was responsible for the structural analysis and design of the sculpture created by Belgium artist Olivier Strebelle. C & E used SOFiPLUS for the geometry and ASE/AQB for analysis and design.

>> Official Website "Athletes´ Alley"

>> Flash-Animation created with SOFiSTiK´s Animator (15mb)

>> Flash-Plugin für Firefox/IE 


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