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herewith we send you the SOFiSTiK Newsletter 02/2009. For any questions or feedback simply write us an email to !


P.S. We currently schedule various user workshops all over Europe. We will announce the dates probably next week. So please stand by and check your emails once in a while.

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Updates for SOFiSTiK FEA 23 und SOFiCAD available

There are new versions and servicepacks for the SOFiSTiK FEA 23 and SOFiCAD available for update via SONAR. Detailed info about each program´s changes can be obtained from the LOG-files. SONAR offers a nice feature to let you read the difference of your local and the latest log-file on the server before you press the update-button ! Simply use the right-mouse click on one program in the program list and select "change-log".


Attention: From July 1st a new SONAR/FTP password is active ! It can be obtained from the service-contract invoice, your local SOFiSTiK reseller or us, if you write us an email to !

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SOFiCAD Servicepack 5 available !

The SOFiCAD Servicepack 5 is available via SONAR. Detailed information about the bug-fixes can be obtained from the user forum or the program´s log files.

SOFiSTiK International User-Forum >>

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SOFiSTiK Infoportal: New examples available !

Besides various CADINP examples e.g. one showing the @KEY access to the SOFiSTiK database (CDB) to access individual results, one dealing with a membrane calculation and some examples for geometrical nonlinear calculations, new tutorial movies for SSD and SOFiPLUS users can be found. Interactive selections for graphical post-processing in WinGRAF, cut-definitions and the use of dynamic axes in SOFiPLUS are explained.


If you miss a specific example, just let us know by writing an email to !

Access the SOFiSTiK Infoportal >>

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Enhancements for Construction Stages in CSM

Assuming a cantilever construction, prefabricated parts have to be fitted to the existing ones, although those parts might have undergone a previous deformation the standard method did connect new elements stressfree with a kink. Using the new control CTRL CANT 3 the required forces to fit the new element to the existing stage are computed, the new construction stage is not stressfree anymore. Using CS...CANT specific stages can be selected for such behaviour instead of the global setting. The example csm7_cant_3.dat can be found after updating in the folder CSM.DAT of the SOFiSTiK Installation. The precamber calculation using CAMB...MODE EQIT has been improved: When force convergence is reached an additional run of the construction stage analysis is done with the last factors to achieve a better precamber result. With CAMB...MODE EQI1 this last  run can be switched off (old behaviour).



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New Features in the SOFiSTiK Input Language CADINP

Besides small improvements text/string operations have been implemented in CADINP. One can access substrings of string variables using #TEXT(first:last). Logical IF operations allow for comparisons of strings using '==' or '!=' resp. '<>'. It is now possible to apply for LET/STO the Operator VAL() for a string variable. It is further possible to specify a LOOP with the operator DEF(NAME) where NAME is the name of a variable. This allows to use the small construct LOOP#ANZ DEF(NAME) ; ENDLOOP to get the number of elements in NAME.  

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