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herewith we send you the SOFiSTiK Newsletter 04/2009. For any questions or feedback simply write us an email to !


Latest News:

We will offer workshops in Zagreb and Belgrade introducing the new SOFiSTiK Version 2010 ! More workshops are in preparation. We will keep you informed.


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Updates for SOFiSTiK FEA 23 und SOFiCAD available

There are new versions and servicepacks for the SOFiSTiK FEA 23 and SOFiCAD available for update via SONAR. Detailed info about each program´s changes can be obtained from the LOG-files. SONAR offers a nice feature to let you read the difference of your local and the latest log-file on the server before you press the update-button ! Simply use the right-mouse click on one program in the program list and select "change-log".


Known Bug: Only SONAR Version 12.42 (Service-Pack 02/2009)

For a very short period after the release of the last servicepack 02/2009 a SONAR Version 12.42 could be downloaded, this version fails to perform a possibly necessary priority self-update. If you do not get a priority update request while updating for the first time, or you do not have the SONAR 12.43 already properly installed, please perform the following steps:- Close all SOFiSTiK programs- Unpack the into your SONAR installation folder (e.g. c:\program files\sofistik\sonar)- Start SONAR, the correct priority update to version 12.44 will follow.

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SOFiCAD Servicepack 6

The SOFiCAD Servicepack 6 is available via SONAR. Detailed information about the bug-fixes can be obtained from the user forum or the program´s log files.

SOFiSTiK International User-Forum >>

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SOFiSTiK Infoportal: New examples available !

A BAMTEC tutorial explaining the workflow in the SOFiCAD module from import of FE reinforcement results to the optimization and partition of carpets is available. Two new tutorial movies complete the material. Small text-input examples dealing with the generation of intersecting curves with SOFiMSHB as well as examples for the analysis of cracked concrete systems have been published. Another new step-by-step example explains the use of SIR cuts within the SSD workflow.

If you miss a specific example, just let us know by writing an email to !

Access the SOFiSTiK Infoportal >>

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Enhancements for ASE and CSM

The ASE output for the calculation of dynamic eigenvalues will now include modal masses related to the global directions. The consideration of modal masses for torsional or counter-rotating modes has been improved.

The extrapolation of primary nodal displacements is necessary during e.g. a balanced cantilever construction, new construction stages have to be put in place with sensible position and inclination without having existed before. The program behaviour can be controlled using CTRL CANT, the new versions include options 11 and 12 for a nodal extrapolation of displacements, especially QUAD-element parts do get a better displacement shape with this options.      


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WinGRAF - New Result Types

The Element-Info functionality in WinGRAF is now available via dedicated toolboxes for the different element types. Calculation values of pile beddings of HASE halfspace piles can be displayed with the new WinGRAF version and listed output will consider a range-of-value filtering.  

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SteelCON - Connection Design

The stand-alone solution SteelCON for the design of steel connections is now integrated into the SSD task library as well. The SSD Task-Library will now offer a task 'Steel Connections'. Connections of different type can be selected, assigned to nodes interactively and designed and optimized according to EC 3. SteelCON can be licensed on SOFiSTiK´s codemeter. Just ask us or your local reseller for a test version !

More info about SteelCON >>