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Nov 20th 2009, London - SOFiSTiK User Workshop

Date: November 20th 2009

Time: 10 am - 4 pm (subject to change)

Venue: Mayfair Conference Centre , London (> Directions)

Cost: 50,00 GBP + VAT (incl. Lunch & Refreshments)

Registration: (Mr Iain Lockhart)



Preliminary Agenda:

New Features in SOFiSTiK Version 2010

Practical Aspects of RC design according to BS and EC2 (EN 1992)
ULS, SLS, Punching, Crack Width, Loading, Envelopes

Time-dependent effects in building design

Construction Stages

Open Discussion


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New Servicepacks for SOFiSTiK 23 and 2010

There are new versions and servicepacks for the SOFiSTiK FEA Version 23, Version 2010, SOFiPLUS(-X) 2010 and SOFiCAD 17.2, 2010 18.1 available for update via SONAR. Detailed info about each program´s changes can be obtained from the LOG-files.

SONAR offers a nice feature to let you read the difference of your local and the latest log-file on the server before you press the update-button ! Simply use the right-mouse click on one program in the program list and select "change-log".

As always detailed info for the current servicepacks SOFiPLUS and SOFiCAD can be obtained from our user-board:


SOFiPLUS 2010 Servicepack >>

SOFiCAD 17.2 Servicepack >>

SOFiCAD 2010 18.1 Servicepack >>


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Installation problems caused by virus scanner

If there is a virus scanner active during the installation of SOFiCAD or SOFiPLUS Version 2010 it might happen that an incomplete AutoCAD profile is being generated. Symptoms showing afterwards could be messages regarding "dictionaries".

To solve this problem, please add in your AutoCAD profile the following search paths to these sub-directories of your AutoCAD-installation:





If you still have any problems, please contact !

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SOFiLOAD and ELLA (Version 23 and 2010): Special Vehicles (LM3) acc. t. EN 1991-2 Appendix A

Eurocode based road bridge design requires in certain loadgroups to consider special vehicles (LM3), therefore the respective input has been improved and redesigned: The different types following the tables in Appendix A are selectable via TRAI P1-P3, the velocity V defines direction, orientation, impact factor and position of the LM1 model. Using value P4 a load case with matching LM1 load train can be specified.

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SOFiLOAD and DYNA (Version 2010): Nodal and Base Point Accelerations for Time-History Analysis

With update to the latest versions of SOFiLOAD and DYNA the input of dynamic load functions (record FUNC) has been enhanced to consider acceleration histories (e.g. TYPE NODA) in addition to the classical displacement based inputs.

The analysis does consider a Base-Line-Correction for sensible results. You may find an example in the DYNA.DAT folder of your SOFiSTiK 2010 installation:


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Interface SOFiSTiK 2010 > Revit Structure 2010 available !

The SOFiSTiK Revit Interface provides a seamless integration of FE analysis with all features of the SOFiSTiK software package. Automatic FE meshing, using one of the most powerful 3D meshgenerators, can be started directly from Revit Structure to allow quick system changes of the calculation model. The following elements are currently implemented:

  • Slabs, walls and columns
  • All families containing an analytical model
  • Point-, line- and area loading
  • Load cases
  • Suppport conditions
  • Grids

Immediate review of the structural model is possible starting ANIMATOR and WinGRAF directly from Revit. The system can then be integrated into a SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) project to perform further analysis and design steps. The modification of the model is also possible using SOFiSTiK´s AutoCAD 2009 add on SOFiPLUS.

Download: Revit Interface 2010 Installation

Attention: You need to update your SOFiSTiK 2010 installation prior installing the interface.


SOFiSTiK Infoportal - New examples available !

SOFiPLUS/SSD Version 2010 - Tutorial

CSM/ASE/CABD - Incremental Launching


Older examples might be searched for using our Infoportal !

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