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New Servicepack available !

There are new versions and servicepacks for the SOFiSTiK FEA Version 23, Version 2010, SOFiPLUS(-X) 2010 and SOFiCAD 2010 18.1 available for update via SONAR. Detailed info about each program´s changes can be obtained from the LOG-files.

SONAR offers a nice feature to let you read the difference of your local and the latest log-file on the server before you press the update-button ! Simply use the right-mouse click on one program in the program list and select "change-log".

As always detailed info for the current servicepacks SOFiPLUS and SOFiCAD can be obtained from our user-board:

SOFiPLUS 2010 SP5 >>

SOFiCAD 2010 18.1 SP5 >>

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Enhanced Eurocode support and classification acc. t. table 7.1N

The latest release of Version 2010 provides enhanced support for the latest generation of the Eurocodes. All selectable Eurocodes have been renamed to ease the selection of the appropriate design code, for example the EC 2 has been renamed to EN 1992-1991, hence denoting the old version of the Eurocode 2 with release year 1991.

The additional information about the release year of the base document will now be found in the descriptive name of the design codes. Officially relaesed Eurocodes with National Amendements (NA) will be found under the respective country selection, e.g. the BS EN 1992 will be found as BS EN 1992-2004 in the latest version of the SSD 'System Information Dialog'.

The compatibility of current projects will be maintained by an automatic mapping mechanism: Opening an existing project with EC 2 will change the associated design code with a dialog message to EN 1992-1991. To enable the selection of the construction type (e.g. Building or Bridge) and the classification of the SLS checks following table 7.1N an additional category information can be made during the initialisation of a new project. These settings will also be mapped by the new machanism and a dialog will inform which selection has beeen assigned, changes of this classifications can also be made after initialization, but the user should carefully check any already defined actions, materials or superposition rules as the program will not change existing data.

The following Euronorms have been enhanced or added:

  • EN 1992-2004: Classification and construction types (Buildings, Bridges)
  • EN 1993-2005: Classification and construction types (Buildings, Bridges)
  • OEN EN 1992-2004: Classification and construction types for Austria (Adopted alpha-cc 1.0 or 0.9).
  • BS EN 1992-2004: Classification and construction types for the UK
  • NF EN 1992-2004: First release of the French Eurocode 2
  • I DM 2008: Italian Eurocode 2:'Decreto Ministeriale per le Costruzioni 2008' (Already available since servicepack 4) 

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TALPA (Version 2010): Enhanced generation of in-situ stress states

The latest TALPA release provides extended possibilities for the generation of in-situ states (K-procedure):

  • Computation under loads (gravity loading): inclined soil surface/soil layers possible
  • Individual lateral stress ratios per soil layer (not restricted by K<1)
  • Simultaneous initialization of hardening state variables (Hardening Plasticity Soil Model), optionally accounting for overconsolidation.

A  new example: slope-stability.dat illustrates the adoption of the K-procedure and can be found in the TALPA.DAT folder of your SOFiSTiK installation. Revised documentation and detailed comments on the K-procedure can be found in the TALPA manual explanations on the GRP record. 

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HASE (Version 2010): Example for uneven foundation elements

The analytical halfspace model of the module HASE assumes an even halfspace surface. Foundation slabs with uneven structure can be modelled using a 'Interlayer' consisting of e.g. Volume-Elements. To illustrate the generation and calculation of such a system a new CADINP example: hase24_uneven_surface.dat can be found in your SOFiSTiK installation folder HASE.DAT.

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COLUMN (Version 2010): Italian Eurocode design available

The latest version of COLUMN allows to select the Italian 'Decreto Ministeriale per le Costruzioni 2008' for the design of R/C columns.

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Interface for Revit Structure 2010 (64bit) available !

The SOFiSTiK Revit 2010 (64bit) Interface provides a seamless integration of FE analysis with all features of the SOFiSTiK software package. Automatic FE meshing, using one of the most powerful 3D meshgenerators, can be started directly from Revit Structure to allow quick system changes of the calculation model. The following elements are currently implemented:

  • Slabs, walls and columns
  • All families containing an analytical model
  • Point-, line- and area loading
  • Load cases
  • Suppport conditions
  • Grids

Immediate review of the structural model is possible starting ANIMATOR and WinGRAF directly from Revit. The system can then be integrated into a SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) project to perform further analysis and design steps. The modification of the model is also possible using SOFiSTiK´s AutoCAD 2010 add on SOFiPLUS.

Interface Download >>

Attention: You need to update your SOFiSTiK 2010 installation prior installing the interface.

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