Assign to SheetΒΆ

Assign to Sheet is an essential command in the operational mode Barmarks per Sheet. With this command, reinforcement will be assigned to a specific sheet.

  1. Activate the view in which you want to assign reinforcement.
  2. (Optional) Select one or more reinforcement elements to assign to a sheet.
If you do not select reinforcement elements, the Assign to Sheet tool will treat all visible reinforcement in the view.
  1. Click Reinforcement tab > Marks panel > icon_AssignToSheet (Assign).

The Select Sheet dialog displays.

  1. Select a sheet in the dialog.

If rebar sets are detected which are already assigned to a sheet, the Assign to Sheet dialog displays.

  1. Decide for each reinforcement element whether it should be treated or not.


You can check the related sheet of the rebar set or fabric sheet on the properties palette with the parameter “SOF_Sheet”.

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