CSV ExportΒΆ

The command Create Schedule creates additionally a CSV file of the rebar data in the project folder. This CSV file can be opened and customized (e.g. in Excel) according the own company preferences. Its operation will differ depending on the selected mode of operation, whether the command affects the entire project or only a single sheet.

  1. Click Reinforcement tab > Schedule panel > icon_CreateSchedule (Create Schedule).

If the active view is not a sheet in the mode “Bar marks per sheet”, the Select Sheet dialog displays.

  1. Select a sheet in the dialog.
The Schedule opens in the SOFiSTiK Result Browser.
  1. Close the SOFiSTiK Result Browser.
  2. Click Reinforcement tab > Other panel > icon_Other (Other) > Project Folder

The Windows File Explorer displays the project folder

  1. Open the CSV file (e.g. in Excel).


The last column with coordinates is SOFiSTiK Experimental stuff. Please delete this column or write to support@sofistik.com if you want to participate the Experimental Team :).



Fabric Sheets in the CSV file are not yet supported.

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