Operational Modes

Numbering of reinforcement can either be per project or per sheet. Most necessary is to decide that before setting bar marks.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Reinforcement tab > Other panel > icon_Settings (Settings)
The Settings dialog displays.
  1. Choose the desired operational mode


It is important to be clear about the desired mode, as the commands adapt in their operation automatically to the operational mode.

Mode: Bar marks per project

In the mode “Bar marks per project” the reinforcement is assigned to the entire project. The bar marks must be unique and you can create only a project wide bending schedule. This mode is recommended for smaller projects.

Mode: Bar marks per sheet

In the mode “Bar marks per sheet” reinforcement must be assigned to a specific sheet (see command Assign to Sheet). As in common conventional practice, in this mode you can create bending schedules for each individual sheet.

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