Reinforcement Parameters

The properties palette of reinforcement elements provides several SOFiSTiK_xyz parameters for different tasks (e.g. tag, count, filter and schedule reinforcement).


The SOFiSTiK_Coupler_RebarStart and SOFiSTiK_Coupler_RebarEnd parameters lists appropriate rebar coupler types to place at the start/end of the rebar. It’s recommended to use the provided family SOFiSTiK_Generic_Coupler as template for your customized coupler types).


In order remove the coupler, you have to delete all instances at the desired bar end of the corresponding rebar set.


Adding a coupler works only, if the bar mark has already been set.


The SOFiSTiK_Layer parameter presents the layer of area elements (floors, walls, foundation slabs) where the reinforcement is placed. It’s recommended to use the Reinforcement Layers tool to determine the layers automatically.


The SOFiSTiK_BarLength parameter shows the bar length according the set calculation method on the schedule tab in the settings dialog.


The SOFiSTiK_Hosts_Mark parameter shows the mark parameter of the reinforcement host for further use (e.g. for the member column in the Revit bending schedule).


The SOFiSTiK_Rebar_Set parameter allows you to combine several rebar set into a SOFiSTiK rebar set (e.g. to tag it consistently).


The SOFiSTiK_ShapeCode parameter shows the detected shape code according the set standard (e.g. BS 8666:2005) on the schedule tab in the settings dialog.


The SOFiSTiK_Mark_TotalQuantity parameter counts quantity of the entire mark to show in Revit bending schedule. Also it will be used for the dimensioned sketch of the Rebar Shape Detail tool.

SOFiSTiK_SubMark (Experimental)

The SOFiSTiK_SubMark parameter counts the sub members of a reinforcement mark. Actually it’s in experimental state has actually no effect automatically but can be used for customized cases in the Revit bending schedule.


The SOFiSTiK_RunningLength parameter defines the rebar set as part of a running length mark which will be count with their overall length of the entire mark separately for each diameter.


The SOF_Sheet parameter shows the assigned sheet from the Assign to Sheet tool.