Reinforcement Schedule

Reinforcement schedules will be created as a printable document in the SOFiSTiK Report Browser. Adjustments of reinforcement schedule can be done on the one hand in the Settings Dialog and on the other hand in the Settings Files.

Settings Dialog

The command Settings opens the settings dialog which provides the user-specific adjustments of the reinforcement schedule. For example, the output volume and - units, the desired language of the document or the option to create a BVBS reinforcement date file.

  1. Click Schedule tab > icon_ScheduleSettings (Settings...).

The Settings dialog displays.

  1. Edit the schedule settings.

Settings Files

The basic settings are defined in external files which can be modified with a text editor and accessed in the following directory:

C:\Users\**Username**\AppData\Roaming\SOFiSTiK\SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2014

The directory contains:

  • STLI.ini, General settings file. (text- and line styles, language files, DXF-parameter etc.)
  • Stli.000, German language file.
  • Stli.001, English language file.
  • Stli.00x, Your own customized language file (see Adding a Language).


Copy, rename and translate an existing language file to create reinforcement schedules in a language of your wish. After doing this, your new language will be available in the settings dialog.


Adding a Language

You can add language files for an output of reinforcement schedules in the language of your wish.

Recommended workflow to create, customize and add a language:

  1. Open the directory of the settings files in the explorer.
  2. Copy the file “Stli.001” and rename it to “Stli.002”. You can create up to 10 language files (stli.000, stli.001, stli.003, ...,stli.009).
  3. Open the general settings file STLI.INI in a text editor (e.g. WordPad) and set the new created language file.

Edit the file by deleting the minus character and set your new language file according the following syntax: [file extension], [language name]. After restarting the SOFiSTiK Report Browser your new language will be available in the settings dialog.

  1. Open the new created language settings file (in this case “stli.002”) in a text editor (e.g. WordPad).

Edit the parameter by translating the names between the following two characters:

>  your trans- | lation <.

Optional you can add

  • space characters to define the width of the associated column in the schedule.
  • “|” character (vertical line) to separate the word and define a line break.

The parameter are grouped regarding the different kinds of reinforcement schedules (e.g. bending schedule, mesh schedule).


Customization of the schedule in the SOFiSTiK Report Browser requires advanced knowledge. For further questions regarding this issue, please contact our support.

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