What’s new in SOFiPLUS 2016

Cooperation with program SSD

Some properties of the design code Eurocode depend on national variants (so called boxed values). These properties can be modified when creating a system.

For more clearness variables may have units.

Numbering of materials, cross sections, working laws, etc. have been harmonized.


Geometric axis


Secondary axis

  • The dialog was replaced. Secondary axes with fixed distance are now defined in a dialog similar to the one used to clone ducts.
  • Secondary axes can now be created from 3D AutoCAD curves.


  • Numbers of tendons are shown in the sidebar entry of the associated duct.
  • Geometric axes have an identifier on each end.



external prestressing

Beam tendons are now differentiated into standard T-geometry and stretched T-geometry.

Shell tendon

  • Simplified creation of tendons from AutoCAD geometry


  • Improved numbering of cloned tendons
  • Improved presentation of tendons in the sidebar
  • The name of a duct gets exported
  • Improved formatting of the generated DAT files
  • More options in the sidebar and the prestressing dialog

Structural Elements

  • The structural point and line dialogs have been harmonized.
  • The support width of structural lines is visualized in the drawing.
  • The units of some inputs have been adjusted to the program SOFiMSHC.
  • Defining a working law out of the structural line dialog now opens the dialog for implicit beam hinges.




A new option to copy all loads of an entire loadcase is available. The number of the new loadcase and a factor for the copied loads can be given. The option is available for free and structural element bound loads, but not for finite element loads.



Safety factors and combination coefficients are taken from the action tab. It is no longer possible to change these values on the loadcase tab.



For structural lines without cross section, all load types are available. This can be used to define an imperfection across multiple floors, for example.


Filtering objects



All AutoCAD and SOFiPLUS(-X) elements can be assigned one or more tags in the properties dialog. The tags can then be used in user defined filters.

Additional properties

  • Tags
  • Loadcase name
  • Axis out of axisgrid and single axis

Cross section editor

  • Solid sections are calculated as FE cross sections by default
  • Rolled steel profiles can be exploded within the cross section editor
  • Several additional input options


  • The structural element and load dialogs are now AutoCAD palettes. So they can be collapsed during the definition of the element.
  • The order of the sidebar tabs has been changed to improve workflow.


SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X 2016 can open DWG files from version 2014. After saving in version 2016, the DWG files cannot be re-opened in the older version!

SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X may have to convert and/or upgrade data when opening a DWG. Any issues, warnings or errors will be displayed in the Messages tab in the sidebar.

Important Hint


The direct finite element workflow for system input within SOFiPLUS will be discontinued with SOFiSTiK 2018. Please use the structural element workflow to define your system.