The command Other provides access to the following links and resources.

  1. Click Reinforcement tab > Other panel > Other drop-down > icon_Other (Other).
  2. Click the desired tool
  • List all Rebars
  • Project Folder
  • Content Folder
  • Tutorials on YouTube
  • User Forum
  • Show Log File
  • Labs Barlist with Excel
  • Labs Match Rebar Properties

Content Folder

With SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing, additional content is supplied. The content differ between user- and runtime content and can be accessed in the installation directory.

> Content Folder

The File Explorer displays the user content directory.

Project Folder

The Project Folder tool provides quick access to the project folder (e.g. to check the schedule files and other resources).

> Project Folder

The File Explorer displays the project directory.

Labs Match Rebar Properties

The Match Rebar Properties tool converts one or more rebar sets to match the properties of another rebar set in the same view. The tool can be useful to equalize small deviations.

  1. Do one of the following:
  • > Match Rebar Properties > Select a rebar set to copy its properties
  • Select a rebar set to copy its properties. > Match Rebar Properties
  1. Select a rebar set to change its properties.


The selected rebar sets must belong to the same rebar shape.

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