WIBU CodeMeter Licensing (FEA and CAD)

SOFiSTiK products rely on WIBU Systems CodeMeter technology for license control and software protection.

  • Two different license types are distinguished, the Local License (single user) and the Network License (multi user).
  • The communication between SOFiSTiK software and CodeMeter requires TCP/UDP Port 22350 and 22352 to be open. Please make sure this port is not blocked by any firewall.

You can find more informations about CodeMeter, advanced license control and license monitoring via Windows Start -> CodeMeter User Help or download the CodeMeter Administrator Manual here.

First Time License Set Up and Activation

Two different license types are distinguished, the Local License for single machines and the Network License for license servers. The CodeMeter Runtime and SOFiSTiK License Manager are required to use and update licenses. Download and install them as shown in the following picture “SOFiSTiK Application Manager”.


Local License

Depending on your kind of license (hardware-based via CodeMeter Dongle or software-based via “Activation Code” Softlock), do one of the following:

Plug in your CodeMeter Dongle. Licenses will be recognized by any machine with CodeMeter Runtime and SOFiSTiK products installed.

To activate a Softlock:

  1. You received an email with your “Activation Code”. This license will permanently bind to the machine it is activated on.
  2. To activate it, start the SOFiSTiK License Manager via Windows Start on your chosen machine.
  3. Select Activate Softlock, enter your Activation Code and click Activate License.
  4. Important: Hardware Changes, System Restore and Registry Tools can make the Softlock unusable. Before doing major changes, perform a License Transfer to keep your license and receive a new “Activation Code”.

Network License

A network license is used on a server that provides floating licenses for all connected client machines. Follow these steps on the machine that you want to set up as a network license server:

  1. Connect your CodeMeter Dongle or activate your Softlock on the machine that you wish to set as your network license server (same as for Local License)
  2. Open CodeMeter Control Center (Tray Icon) and click on WebAdmin to manage network settings
  3. Navigate to Configuration ‣ Server ‣ Server Access ‣ set Network Server Enable.
  1. Apply your settings and close CodeMeter WebAdmin.

  2. Perform a restart of the CodeMeter service from the CodeMeter Control Center:

    Menu ‣ Process ‣ Restart CodeMeter Service.

The network license server is now active and all clients should be able to find the server automatically.


If the client machines are in a different subnet, the servers name or IP-address has to be added on the clients machine WebAdmin. Configuration ‣ Basic ‣ Server Search List.

License Update

Licenses are usually limited to be used for 13 weeks if not updated and extend for additional 13 weeks when you perform an update. You should update your license regularly or automating license updates .

Update via SOFiSTiK “License Manager”

Using the SOFiSTiK License Manager is the most common way to update, activate, transfer and remove licenses.

Follow these steps to update your licenses:

  1. Make sure you have installed the “SOFiSTiK Application Manager” which includes License Manager.
  2. Plug in your CodeMeter Dongle or if using Softlock license: make sure you are using the machine where the Softlock is activated on.
  3. Start the SOFiSTiK License Manager via Windows Start.
  4. Choose the license and click Update License.

Automating License Updates

With license_update_batch.exe, you can update your licenses via command line and automate this process e.g. with windows task scheduler, as opposed to the License Manager that requires user interaction. Since usually license updates are required every 13 weeks, automating the update for once per month should be fine.


Internet connection is required.

The default path for this command line tool is C:\Program Files\SOFiSTiK\common\SOFiSTiK Application Manager\license_update\license_update_batch.exe. Call license_update_batch.exe without parameters for help. Usually you just need parameter -s {serial} with the serial number of your SOFiSTiK license container (find it in CodeMeter Control Center).


With parameters -f {context-file}  -o {update-file} you could build some automation for offline license updates, but the implementation is highly dependent on your network infrastructure.

Offline update via CodeMeter Control Center

Use this option to update your license via “CodeMeter Control Center” if there is no internet connection available.

Follow these steps to update your licenses via “CodeMeter Control Center”:

  1. Open “CodeMeter Control Center”, click “License Update” and follow the CmFAS Wizard to create your WibuCmRaC File.
  2. Transfer the WibuCmRaC File to a machine that has SOFiSTiK “License Manager” installed and is connected to the internet.
  3. Start the Remote Update in the SOFiSTiK “License Manager” using the WibuCmRaC File.
  1. Transfer the created WibuCmRaU File back to the machine original.
  2. Open the “CodeMeter Control Center” again and import the WibuCmRaU file.

See Windows Start -> CodeMeter User Help for more informations.

License Transfer


Hardware Changes, System Restore and Registry Tools can make the Softlock unusable. Perform a one-time License Transfer to receive a new “Activation Code” before major changes to keep your license.

  1. Start the SOFiSTiK “License Manager” via Windows Start at the local machine where you want to activate and use your license on.
  2. Select the license you wish to transfer
  3. Enter your desired email address
  4. Click on “Transfer License”