Column Design and Positioning

Title: Column Design and Positioning | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English


This video shows how to create and manage design groups of reinforced concrete columns in Revit. The grouping and designing are carried out using the i_column_design Column Design Command from the SOFiSTiK Analysis Ribbon Tab. To edit and manage existing design groups, we will use the SOFiSTiK Design Browser.


Column Design uses the analysis of the main system. That’s why in this video, the main system has already been generated and calculated. You can check this by visualizing the FEA analysis model and its deformation for each loadcase. For more information, see our video: Generate a model for FEA Analysis.

The first step is to select the columns you would like to design, then run the i_column_design Column Design command. The Column Design dialog opens. In the first tab, you can check the members in your selection, their cross section and adjust the name of your design group.

In the three following tabs, you can adjust the boundary conditions, check the internal forces in the columns and check the load combinations. In this video, no changes were made in these three tabs.

Finally, the tab “Design” enables to adjust the design parameters. The preview part of the window displays design results calculated on-the-fly using the nominal curvature method. To calculate a design and create a report, click on Calculate. SOFiSTiK Analysis Task Monitor appears, giving the status of your design. Simultaneously, SOFiSTiK Design Browser appears. There, the newly calculated design group is automatically added.


If the Design Browser does not appear, you can enable the sidebar by clicking on the i_user_interface User Interface Command in the SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab, and activate it by clicking on the checkbox.

A right click on the design group enables to access the calculation report, select the column members for visualization or edit the design calculation.

In this video, we edit the newly created design to export its most important results to Revit. For this, open the Design tab, wait for the preview to be created, tick the checkbox ‘Export decisive results to Revit...’ and validate by clicking on Calculate. Now, each column in the design group has new Revit properties summarizing the design results. These properties can, for example, be used in Revit schedules or filters.

To illustrate this, we open a column schedule where the new parameters are shown. The schedule can be sorted by ascending required reinforcement value to split our design group depending on this value. In our example, we create two new design groups: “Low Stresses” and “High Stresses” for the columns requiring less, resp. more than 40 square centimeters of reinforcement.

By hitting the SHIFT Key of your keyboard, select several column members in your schedule and adjust the Design Group in SOFiSTiK Structural Properties Panel. The new grouping is automatically updated in the Design Browser.

With a right click (RMB) in the Design Browser ‣ Columns ‣ Calculate you can update the calculation for all design groups in the Browser. The new design reports are now available.


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