Edit Tendon¶

Opens Revit Family Editor with tendon’s geometry and it’s host. Tendon’s centerline will be presented as 3D spline created by points. You can move points in 3D space to change the geometry of the tendon. Changes will be applied after switching back to Revit Project.

  1. Click Add-Ins tab > SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension panel > icon_Tendon Tendon drop-down > icon_Edit_Tendon (Edit)

    Revit Family Editor opens.

  2. Select a point on the curve and move it in any direction. Curve will change its shape automatically.

  3. Switch an active window to Project to update the tendon geometry.

  4. Close Revit Family Editor when ready.


Use shortcat ‘wt’ to open both project and family windows on your screen. It gives you more control and flexibility in modeling.

You can add points to the curve definition

  1. Click Modify tab > Draw panel > Point Element

  2. Place a point on the curve

  3. Select placed point and click on ‘Make Point Driving’ in ‘Modify | Referance Points’ menu