General Information

SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension (SiX) tool extracts the geometry out of Central Database (.cdb) files and creates a 3D model according to the chosen settings.

CDB files can be created using CADINP programing language in Text Editor (‘Teddy’) task or grafical input in SOFiPLUS module, which is based on AutoCAD platform.

SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension was primarly designed to enhance 3D modelling process of infrastructure projects (e.g. bridges) in respect to the BIM concept. SiX tool extend the Computed Aided Bridge Design (CABD) workflow of SOFiSTiK software in means of 3D detailing and documentation.


SiX is compatible with *.cdb files with verion 2016 and higher. SiX works under Revit version 2018 and higher.

Supported elements

SiX tool supports all element types (e.g. beams, colums, cables), which are defined using Structural Lines (SLNs).


Prestressing represantation in Revit

Imported prestressing data is presented as Freeform Rebar object with assigned rebar type and activated SOFiSTiK_Tendon parameter.


Rebar diameter of tendons is defined as an outer diameter of duct.


Content Files

In an installation directory


you can find additional files, like Revit Families, that can enable you to use Parapets and Railing commands.

In the following directory


you can find an example(s) of the bridge created according to the CABD concept. The example(s) and tasks in SSD file are not meant to be the referance project.


Further help and support can be found at the following sources:


Customer support can be contacted at

Log Files

Changes to the software (released as service packs and hotfixes) are documented in the log file.


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