Release Notes

This list represents the reported issues resolved within SOFiSTiK Infrastructure Extension. The issues are directly reported by users via Product Support Cases and SOFiSTiK Communities.

2018-2.0 Update Release (29.01.2018)

Resolved Issues

  • The problem with two variables in one station is solved.
  • Import crush if one element was invalid has been fixed.
  • In case Revit cannot generate solid (because of accurancy) more segmenets will be created
  • Generation of solid with two cross sections (start-end) in case of linear variability


  • Update option was added to the Import Settings
  • Import of tendon geometry was improved

2018.1.0 Release (26.10.2017)

Functionalities at a glance

  • Creates a 3D solid model of all structures that are created using Structural Lines (SLNs) in SOFiSTiK
  • Supported object types: DirectShapes, Freeform Family Instance, Parametric Adaptive Component
  • Creates contour line for further detailing of curved surfaces
  • Mapping of materials and categories
  • Creates grid lines, sections and additional symbols along the main axis at the placement points
  • Creates a grid in a position of main axis
  • Creates tendons as Freeform Rebars
  • Creates parapets and railings