User’s Guide

The SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface is an extension to the 3D NURBS modeler Rhinoceros by Robert McNeel & Associates (Rhino), providing functionality to create a finite element model for analysis in SOFiSTiK directly from a model defined in Rhinoceros. Analytical properties like material, cross-sections or boundary conditions can be assiged to Rhino-objects like points, curves or surfaces. Generating the finite element model can be directly started from within Rhino through the SOFiSTiK toolbar, which provides also access to SOFiSTiK programs like SSD, Teddy, Animator or Wingraf.

With the installation of the SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface, Rhino will be integrated as additional preprocessor into the SOFiSTiK analysis environment (SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop).

General Features

Workflow Tutorials

The following tutorials, descriptions and videos will provide you a hands-on guide into the SOFiSTiK extension of Rhino.

System Prerequisites, Licensing and Installation


Before you start with the installation it is highly recommended to read the Administration Manual 2018.

For using the current version of the SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface 2018, the following requirements must be met:

  • Installation of the SOFiSTiK 2018 analysis package.
  • McNeel Rhinoceros Version 6.0, 64bit for Windows.

For older versions of Rhino and SOFiSTiK (e.g. SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface 2016 with Rhino Version 5.0 64bit), please contact our support

McNeel Rhinoceros basically runs on any ordinary desktop or laptop computer with Windows operating system. More information about system requirements of Rhino can be found on the webpage given above. The SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface can be used with a evaluation license of Rhino.

For using the SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface itself, a license of type ’RHINOINT’ is needed (granule: ’XGEO’). For any support regarding SOFiSTiK or Rhino licensing, please contact us or your re-seller respectively.

The installation of the SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface can be selected during the general SOFiSTiK installation process using the SOFiSTiK application manager. In general, Rhino should be installed before installing the extension to automate the integration into Rhino - see follow-up details:

Command Reference

The SOFiSTiK Rhino Interface extends the basic commands of Rhinoceros by a set of additional SOFiSTiK-specific commands. All SOFiSTiK commands are preceded by _sof. So, by typing simply _sof in the command-line all commands available through the SOFiSTiK interface will be shown by autocomplete. A complete command reference can be found here: