What’s new in SOFiPLUS 2018

Cooperation with program SSD

User Defined Unitsets and US Customary Units are available via the system information dialog.

For more clearness variables must have units.

Name of elements and options have been harmonized.


Geometric Axis


New efficient and comfortable dialogs. In the header of the table view one can find some basic buttons.

Possibility to insert a whole table with copy and paste. In this case the number of lines in the table is completed as needed.




Additional to the option clone tendons may now be copied. In this case an independent axis geomety with tendons will be generated.


In the sidebar now the name of the duct and the tendon is shown.


Structural Elements


Cooperation with analysis

  • Handling with materials, cross sections, work laws, etc. has been harmonized with the SSD.
  • Customised input options for dialogs including spring information. They have been harmonized to the input possibilities in SOFiMSHC
  • Additional intersection properties for the structrual line and structural area analogous to program SOFiMSHC.
  • Improved possibilities for structrual lines and structural areas to control the density during meshing.


  • Some of the structural element dialogs including a table have been revised to the more comfortable kind of table.
  • It is now possible to create more than one spring or contraint between structural lines or between structural lines and structural points at once.
  • A new option for the alignment of structural areas out of AutoCAD meshes.


  • Load eccentricity for structural line loads. This is used to define the position of the load relative to a point within the section of the line.
  • New dialog for the load distribution area.



Cooperation with REVIT

  • Improved cooperation respective the precision between REVIT and SOFiPLUS. Databases out of REVIT can now be imported in a better quality.


  • Additional views group visualisation to displays the structural element groups with different colors.

Cross Section Editor

  • Solid Sections: Polygons which have circles or arcs are described with intersections of tangens and radius.
  • Circular reinforcement: Definition of linear reinforcements for circles and arcs
  • Reference for the insertion point of a steel profile
  • Steel cross section for section class 4: Determination of the effective cross section values with definition of a compressive stress


SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X 2018 can open DWG files from version 2016. After saving in version 2018, the DWG files cannot be re-opened in the older version!

SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X 2018 can import projects from version 2018 only.

SOFiPLUS/SOFiPLUS-X may have to convert and/or upgrade data when opening a DWG. Any issues, warnings or errors will be displayed in the Messages tab in the sidebar.

Important Hints

Explicit drawing units have been discontinued with SOFiSTiK 2018. Please choose an appropriate Unit Set instead.

The direct finite element workflow for system input within SOFiPLUS has been discontinued with SOFiSTiK 2018. Please use the structural element workflow to define your system.