Export results to Excel via ResultViewer

General Workflow

In the version 2018 is is possible to automatically export ResultViewer tables to *.xlsx files. This tutorial will explain the general workflow.


In the tutorial MS Excel version 2016 is used. In Excel 2016 Microsoft has integrated the Power Query technology into the Data ribbon. Power Query technology enhances the self-service business analytics inExcel by simplifying data discovery. This technology will be presented in the SOFiSTiK workflow as well.


The YouTube tutorial videos are recorded with resolution 1920x1080 (1080p HD), therefore it is recommended to set the YouTube Quality to 1080p when watching the videos.

In this tutorials we will show next steps:

  • How to export the nodes
  • How to use the Excel PowerQuery Technology for a better SOFiSTiK - Export to Excel workflow
  • SQL language in the Export to Excel Workflow

Title: Export Results to Excel - General Workflow | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English