Tutorials for Steel Design

List of SSD Tasks and General Features

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In the “VERiFiCATiON Manual - Design” you will find a compilation of a number of selected design benchmarks, each benchmark focusing on a specific (design) topic details SOFiSTiK SSD/Teddy ‣ Help ‣ Verification Manual - Design.

Workflow steps for Steel Design

  1. Prepare all project data for input into the software
  2. Create a new SSD project file
    • Define project name
    • Select design code
    • Select system
  3. Define materials
  4. Define cross sections (standard cross-sections or custom via Cross-Section Editor)
  5. System and load generation within SOFiPLUS, Teddy, Revit or Rhino
  6. Linear Analysis of already defined loads
  7. Define combinations
  8. Analysis of defined combination
  9. Design
    • Cross-Section Resistance check
    • Buckling Resistance check


Working through the available tutorials the user will learn the general SOFiSTiK Steel Design Workflow.

Tutorial Name Objectives
Portal Frame
  • Start a new project
  • Define materials
  • Define cross-sections
  • Define cross-sections inside Cross Section Editor
  • Generate system inside SOFiPLUS
  • Generate loads inside SOFiPLUS
  • Generate load combinations
  • Run analysis
  • Run design
  • Design results
Imperfection Concept
  • Generate loads inside SOFiPLUS
  • Run linear analysis
  • Generate load combinations
  • Run second order analysis

In the “General features & Workflow” chapter: the tasks, input steps, workflows, etc. are explained for a better user understading. The “General feature” documentation will try to give answers for frequent asked questions FAQs.

General feature & Workflow Objectives
Combine Loads
  • Task “Combine Loads”
  • CADINP input
  • Automatic Combination Proposal
Analysis of combined load
  • Task “Analysis of Combined Loads”
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd order theory
  • inclination/imperfection
Resistance of cross-sections
  • Task “Resistance of cross-sections” explained
  • Design options
Buckling resistance of members
  • Task “Buckling Resistance of Member” explained
  • Intermediate Supports
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Method 1 and 2 acc. Eurocode 3
  • Sequence of structural lines / Design Elements
Definition of eccentricity for structural lines
  • Available options
  • SOFiPLUS(X) Line Load Dialog


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