Analytical Check¶

Title: Analytical Check | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English


This video shows how to check the analytical model prior to meshing to avoid inconsistencies and errors. The Analytical Check and the warnings dialog will be explained. Before running the i_analytical_check Analytical check, activate a view where the analytical model of the complete structure is visible. Then run the i_analytical_check Analytical check command from the SOFiSTiK Analysis Ribbon. The geometry will be checked for errors and inconsistencies. Here we get an information that the analytical check has not detected any errors.

To show the possibilities of the analytical check command, we remove a floor element from the view where the analytical model of the complete structure is visible, to make the walls overlap. Now run the Analytical Check again and the Warnings list should appear with the wall IDs listed in groups.

Through the Warnings dialog you can show the elements in the view. You can also isolate them or isolate all the elements that are related to the problematic element with the option Isolate plus. By activating the checkbox Show instantly the elements will be shown automatically when selecting through the Warnings list. You can ignore the warning anytime by clicking on the ignore button, you can also ignore the warnings for the groups by clicking with right mouse button on the group. If necessary you can also copy the warnings to Excel or Text File via the CSV Format.


The YouTube tutorial videos are recorded with resolution 1920x1080 (1080p HD), therefore it is recommended to set the YouTube Quality to 1080p when watching the videos.


The video contains english captions, therefore you can follow the online video without audio.