Elements Boundary Conditions and Edge Releases

Edge Releases

Title: Edge Releases | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English


This video shows how to modify the edge releases and setup the boundary conditions of area elements.

We will show how to use the i_edge_releases Edge Releases Command from the Ribbon Tab to modify the boundary conditions of slabs and walls. The Edge Releases Command allows you to set the boundary conditions of multiple walls and slabs. When running the i_edge_releases Edge Releases Command, a list of auxiliary lines will show up at the boundaries of the analytical models in the active view.

Select the boundary edges to be modified and finish the selection.

The Edge Releases Dialog appears. Here you can set the release conditions to hinged, fixed, all released or custom. When the Edge Releases Command is active, the boundary edges are coloured according to their release condition. Red lines indicate fixed conditions, green lines indicate hinges.


When using the release condition custom, a spring stiffness can be defined for the rotation around the edge. A line spring connection is then generated there.

Elements Boundary Conditions

Title: Elements Boundary Conditions | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English


This video shows how to modify and setup the boundary conditions of Revit Elements. To define the boundary conditions of columns, walls and slabs select an element, and the SOFiSTiK Structural Properties Sidebar should appear. If this is not the case, you can enable the sidebar by clicking on the i_user_interface User Interface Command in the SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab, and activate it by clicking on the checkbox. For columns and beams you can modify the Releases at Start and End of the member.

The available options are: fixed, pinned, bending moment, free and custom.

It is also possible to define work-law IDs. When defining the ID, you need later on to insert the task Work Laws for Springs in the SSD Project. If you define the work-law IDs, then please deselect in the generate analysis model dialog the option Calculate Load Cases. This has to been done before generating the FEA analysis system, to avoid the error message that the system stiffness is unstable.

You can define the boundary conditions for walls and slabs either via Structural Properties Sidebar or via the i_edge_releases Edge Releases Command.

Next step is to show how you can define also the Work Laws for beams and columns.If you have defined the work-laws, then you can continue with the analysis and design.


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