Transmission of loads between Subsystems¶

SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit can analyze not only entire Revit models, but also partial models, using the concept of so-called “Subsystem”. These Subsystems are defined by setting-up subsystem views in the Revit project. Please refer to the corresponding command Subsystem view to know more about this topic.

When having subsystems created according to Revit levels in a project, SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit can transfer vertical reaction-loads between these subsystems. Two workflows are available to transfer these loads.

  • First workflow: called Load Takedown, it uses the option Include load transferred from active subsystems from the i_generate Analyze dialog for a level subsystem. This workflow is very quick but the user cannot influence how the loads are transferred.
  • Second workflow: uses the command i_transfer_loads Transfer Loads. With this command, the user creates automatically loads in Revit corresponding to the reaction-loads. The transfer is slower but allows modification and checking of the loads transferred.

The two workflows to transfer reaction-loads are illustrated on an example in the following videos:


Currently, the transmssion of loads between subsystem does not support user defined subsystem paths. Therefore, if you wish to transfer loads between subsystems, please leave the parameter SOFiSTiK_SubsystemPath empty.