Save analysis and design results in a Revit Result Package

Title: Save analysis and design results in a Revit Result Package | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English


This video shows how to import analysis and design results as results packages in Revit.

The import is carried out using the i_FEA_import FEA Import Command on the SOFiSTiK Analysis Ribbon Tab. Once imported, the result packages can be managed, and the results displayed using Autodesk® Structural Analysis Toolkit App for Revit®.

In this video, the slab of the top floor has already been generated and calculated as you can see by opening its FEA Visualization. Moreover, by opening the Graphical Output, you can see that design results are also available for this floor.

To import results in Revit, run the i_FEA_import FEA Import Command. The FEA Results Import Dialog opens.

In the first tab i_selection Selection, you can select the elements for which you want to import results. The selection can either be manual or automatic. The automatic selection selects all elements having results and visible in the current Revit view.

In this video, we select elements manually. Click on Select elements, pick the top floor of the building, and validate with Finish. The preview now shows the elements you selected.

Go to the second tab i_analysis Analysis results. Make sure that the checkbox “Data source” is activated. Choose the SOFiSTiK database from which you want to import the analysis results. Using the SHIFT ⇧ Shift Key of your keyboard, select the load cases you want to import.

You can import Forces and moments and/or Displacement results. Tick the corresponding checkboxes. Finally adjust the name of your analysis result package, for example: Top floor - Analysis.

Now, go in the third tab i_design Design results. Make sure that the check box ‘Data source’ is activated. Choose the SOFiSTiK database from which you want to import the design results as well as the design case. Adjust the name of your design result package, for example: Top floor - Design.

Finally, start the import by validating with OK.

By going in Revit’s tab Analyze ‣ Result Manager, you can see the newly imported result packages.

Select the package and click on Explore to open Revit’s Results Explorer. For example, you can now display the displacement in Z direction of the floor for the different load cases, or the quantity of upper reinforcement in X direction.

By clicking on the display, you can create new display styles for your results.


FEA results can only be imported from a SOFiSTiK database (.cdb) which was created using the SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit for Revit.


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The video contains english captions, therefore you can follow the online video without audio.