Setup and generate a subsystem

Title: Setup and generate a subsystem | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English


This video shows how to generate a finite element model from a subsystem view in Revit. The generation of the finite elements model is carried out using the i_generate Analyze Command on the SOFiSTiK Analysis Ribbon Tab.

To create a subsystem from the main analytical model the i_subsystem_view Subsystem View command will be used.


Please note that a view where the analytical model of the complete structure is visible, must be active.

First step is to open the analytical view, then run the Subsystem View Command. We have two possibilities to generate subsystem views in SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit. The first option is to generate a subsystem by selecting the elements in the main analysis model view.

The second option is to generate a subsystem by using the i_subsystem_view_level Subsystem Views by Levels. In this video, we will use the option generate a subsystem by selecting the elements.

Select the first-floor element, then confirm the selection by clicking on the Finish button. The Subsystem Specification Dialog will show up, here you can edit the name of the subsystem view and enable the loads transfer.

By activating the load transfer the loads will be automatically transferred to the subsystem. In this video, we will rename the Subsystem View Name to ‘’Subsystem 1’‘. The load takedown will be deactivated and explained in details in another video. By clicking on the OK button, the Subsystem View will be generated. To generate the finite elements model, click on the Analyze Command and confirm by clicking on the OK button. The subsystem will be exported as a SOFiSTiK project.

To open the project, go to Main System drop-down menu and select ‘’Subsystem 1’‘. The SOFiSTiK System Information Dialog will show up, by clicking on the OK button you will confirm the setup parameters.


In SSD you can see the exported finite elements model. This can be analyzed and designed further by using the SOFiSTiK Modules.

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