Creates section views according to the chosen axis. Sections can be created at the placements’ station, between the placements with defined layout rule or at selected custom station.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge tab > Shop Drawings panel > icon_Views (Sections)

  2. Select an Axis

    SOFiSTiK: Views dialog displays.

  3. Select stationing, orientation and rotation of sections and confirm with OK.

  4. Section views are created, you can find them in the project browser and place on the sheet.

You can simultaneously create dimensioning lines and place them in generated sections. In order to do it, you need to annotate the Bridge Profile in Revit Family Editor and load it into project. All of the dimensioning lines, that are not assigned to parameter will be placed on created section views.


While dimensioning the Bridge Profile in Revit Family Editor, note to assign at least one witness line to the profile line. Otherwise, created dimensions can be incorrect.


Sections created with Views tool are automatically updated after changes in the axis. It may happen, however, that not all of annotations will remain and some will have to be deleted.


If Consider Rotation checkbox is active, created views will be rotated according to the reference placements.