Beam Family

You can use Beam command to place beam components on Girder System. Generated objects are adaptive component families, which are associated with the chosen girder. Changes in length and position of Girder will influence Beam directly.

Beam Families are Adaptive Generic Families (.rfa), which consist of two Adaptive points (‘1’ and ‘2’) that are placed accordingly at the beginning and at the end of each girder. This insertion points control the geometry of the beams.

You can find some types of beam families in the installation directory.












You can use already prepared Revit Families, customize them or create your own ones.


You can customize beam family accoridng to your wish.

Here you can find suggestions and tips how to create beam family accoridng to the geometrical requirements.


Beam family hast to have exactly two adaptive points.

You can copy any existing Beam Family, save it locally and adjust. This process can save you some time while creating the parameters and profiles.