Settings SOFiSTiK Data Management

Manages all SOFiSTiK data which is saved in the Revit file. The Data Management dialog allow access to the following data and functions:

  • SOFiSTiK Project Parameters

  • SOFiSTiK Materials, Cross Sections, Actions and Prestressing Systems

  • SOFiSTiK Design Results Contents for Columns and Beams

  • Purge SOFiSTiK Data

SOFiSTiK Project Parameters

Here SOFiSTiK shared parameters for Revit can be activated/deactivated, eg. to display their values in Revit schedules. The parameters available are:

Primary Group (SOFiSTiK_Group):

Number of the SOFiSTiK group of the selected element.

SOFiSTiK Level Identifier (SOFiSTiK_Level):

Identifies Revit levels whose properties should be exported to SOFiSTiK. To export these properties, click SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab ‣ Analysis Panel ‣ Analyze and in the Geometry tab activate the option Export Storey Levels.

Load Distribution Area (SOFiSTiK_LoadDistributionArea):

Available only for area loads. Generates a load distribution area with the same geometry as the selected surface load. For example, a beam system can thus be loaded with an area load.


The selected area load must be rectangular for SOFiSTiK_LoadDistributionArea to work


Use Excentricity (SOFiSTiK_UseExcentricity):

Cross sections can be transferred to the structural calculation as a “centric beam” (check box deactivated) or as an “eccentric beam or pile” (check box activated). If the instance parameter is added to the project, elements will be exported as centric beams by default. If the parameter does not exist in the project, elements will be exported as eccentric beams by default.

Effective Width of T-beams (SOFiSTiK_EffectiveWidth):

Parameter available only for beams, it controls the effective width of a T-beam cross section. The cross section assignment automatically assigns a SOFiSTiK T-beam cross section with the defined effective width.

Element Name (SOFiSTiK_Name):

Names the selected element for SOFiSTiK.

Subsystem View Properties:

  • SOFiSTiK_SubsystemName

  • SOFiSTiK_UseForLoadTakeDown

Controls properties related to subsystems analysis. There, the filename and location for the subsystem CDB can be defined. Additionally, the user can activate this subsystem as a source for the Load Takedown calculation.

Mesh Density (SOFiSTiK_MeshDensity):

With this instance parameter, the density of Finite Element mesh can be controlled.

Soil Profile (SOFiSTiK_SoilProfile):

Saves the number of the CDB´s SOFiSTiK soil profile.

Design Element for Walls (SOFiSTiK_CreateDesignElementForResultants):

Activates a Design Element for analysis of the selected wall element.


The following project parameters are outdated. We support their compatibility when the are present in projects which where upgraded from previous versions. You cannot create them anymore in the newer versions.

  • Subsystem View parameter SOFiSTiK_SubsystemPath

SOFiSTiK Materials, Cross Sections, Actions and Prestressing Systems

Displays all SOFiSTiK Materials, Cross Sections, Actions and Prestressing Systems defined in the project.

Here the user can visualize, rename and delete items. He can also create new items or import them from the database (*.cdb file) of other SOFiSTiK projects.

SOFiSTiK Design Results Contents for Columns and Beams

Settings for the output of the Column Design and Beam Design commands. There, Design Report Presets can be defined, edited and deleted. A preset determines what will be display in the design report (type of results, quantity of information etc.).

See also

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Purge SOFiSTiK Data

Purge the Revit file from SOFiSTiK information (Especially, the user can reset the design code here).


Purging data in a project cannot be undone !