User interface

Enables to show/hide the SOFiSTiK Structural Properties panel as well as the SOFiSTiK Design Browser. Also enables to display the Analysis Task Monitor.

Structural Properties

Shows and hides the SOFiSTiK Structural Properties panel.

In this panel, additional properties, relevant for a Finite Element Analysis in SOFiSTiK, can be input for the element selected. These properties can for example be: general information for the FEA analysis (such as the structural element ID or SOFiSTiK group number), individual meshing information, position information, releases information or information about support characteristics for subsystem generation.

SOFiSTiK structural properties are available for:

  • Structural Column and Framing elements

  • Wall and Floor elements

  • Boundary Condition elements

  • Lines of type Tendon Projection (style: SOF_TendonProjection)

  • Lines of type Result Cut Line (style: SOF_ResultCutLine)

  • Result views

Design Browser

Shows and hides the SOFiSTiK Design Browser panel.

In this panel, the existing design groups are displayed and can be managed. Moreover, the SOFiSTiK Design Browser gives a direct access to the calculation reports of each design group. It also enables to highlights all elements in the model belonging to a specific design group. Finally, in combination with SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Generation, 3D reinforcement of elements can be generated directly via the SOFiSTiK Design Browser based on the available design results.

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Display Analysis Task Monitor

Displays the Analysis Task Monitor.

In this window, SOFiSTiK Design calculations can be managed. The Analysis Task Monitor also shows the status of each design calculation and provides a direct access to the calculation reports, and if necessary, to the error reports.

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