Polygonal Section Dialog¶

The polygonal section dialog allows you to visualize and adjust section properties and reinforcement.

Polygonal sections have a polygon as contour and do not correspond to Standard SOFiSTiK Sections. If such a cross section is present in the Cross Section Mapping dialog or in the Tab Cross Section of SOFiSTiK Data Management, the user can click on Edit to open the polygonal section dialog.


The left side of the dialog displays the properties of the cross section for checking and adjustment.

The workspace of the dialog displays the cross section geometry and dimensions as well as longitudinal reinforcement, when present in the cross section.

When the reinforcement is allowed in the cross section, icons are displayed on top right corner of the workspace. They enable to choose actions. The triangle at the corner of each action icon provides access to the different variants of the action. With these actions, the user can:

  • Adujst the properties and geometry of exiting reinforcement placements

  • Create new reinforcement placement of various types

  • Create and adjust auxiliary lines and points to facilitate the definition of reinforcement placements

By clicking on a reinforcement placement, a panel opens allowing you to adjust its properties. The following properties can be adjusted and/or checked (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Quantity of reinforcement bars (not for single reinforcement)

  • Diameter of the bars

  • Bars center to center distance (not for single reinforcement)

  • Total reinforcement quantity of the placement

  • Type of bar distribution (not for single reinforcement)

  • Torsional contribution (not for single reinforcement)

  • Distance from the center line of the reinforcement to the contour of the section (click on the arrow to toggle to other segments of the contour)

  • ID number of the reinforcement layer to which the placement belongs


In the bottom left corner of the workspace, the total quantity of reinforcement is displayed for each layer in the cross section.


You can combine the Import function of SOFiSTiK Data Management with the Polygonal Section Dialog for an easier handling of cross sections in your Revit project.