Export to Excel

Exports the analysis results of the currently active system into an Excel file *.xlsx. There, elements identification information as well as internal forces and moments can be exported for the following elements:

  • Beams

  • Columns

  • Wall (Resultant forces)

  • Design Elements

  • Supports

The results can be exported either only for Revit load cases (single load cases where loads have been defined in Revit) or for all load cases available in the SOFiSTiK Database (also design load cases etc.).

The following identification information is available:

  • Revit Element ID or Source Element ID unique identifier number of element in the Revit model (as provided in Revit by Manage Tab ‣ Inquiry Panel ‣ IDs of selection)

  • SPT ID and/or SLN ID and/or SAR ID and/or DSLN ID ID number of the corresponding structural element in SOFiSTiK’s database (*.cdb)

  • Element Name name of the Revit Family of the element

  • Level and/or Base level and/or Top level Revit level-related properties of the element (instance properties)

  • SOFiSTiK Name value provided in the shared parameter SOFiSTiK_Name of the element

  • SOFiSTiK Type type of the element in the SOFiSTiK database (SLN being a structural line and SPT a structural point)


The results in Excel are provided in the following Coordinate Systems:

  • Beam and Column Support results are in the local coordinate system of the Revit analytical element

  • Wall and Design Element results are with X going upwards, Y orthogonal to the element’s plane and Z in the element’s plane

  • Support results are in the global coordinate system of the Revit model


Location refers to the relative position along the element’s length, resp. height, where the results is returned. 0 being the Start, resp. Bottom, of the element and 1 being the End, resp. Top, of the element.


Results provided for Supports are reaction forces and moments for the boundary condition elements as well as for supporting elements in subsystems. Line Supports (of type SLN) show the summed reaction force/moment over the complete line support’s length.


Results provided for Walls (Resultant Forces) and Design Elements are integrated Finite Element Results over the complete length and thickness of the walls. They are sensitive to the mesh quality of the Finite Element Model (especially the number of finite elements in the height of walls).


Wall Resultant forces are integrated values of Gauss Points’ finite element results. They cannot be processed by SOFiSTiK automatic superposition and enveloping mechanisms. If you wish to obtain envelops or superpositions results for wall elements, please activate and use Design Elements.

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