Generate Subsystem Views with Dynamo

Title: Generate Subsystem Views with Dynamo | Quality: 1080p HD

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This video shows how to generate several subsystem views with Dynamo. It is necessary that the main finite element model is already analyzed with the i_generate Start command on the SOFiSTiK Analysis Tab. Learn more about Subsystem Views.

We are switching to the Manage Tab to start the dynamo_player Dynamo Player. In the example folder extra you will find the Dynamo Script CreateSubsystems.dyn. The Input is a List of Level Names as text, which will create the subsystems. Hereby, the Dynamo node will check for each given level, if there is a structural floor and collects all connected structural members. When a level is defined without a floor, the user has to manually create the subsystem.


The YouTube tutorial videos are recorded with resolution 1920x1080 (1080p HD), therefore it is recommended to set the YouTube Quality to 1080p when watching the videos.


The SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design package supports the Dynamo Core 2.2.x and Dynamo Revit 2.1.x.x version.


The SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design package is shipped with examples in the installation folder ../extra. Information about the installation folder see Installation of Dynamo