Checking loads in your Revit model

Title: SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design for Revit: Checking loads in your Revit model | Quality: 1080p HD | Captions: English

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Load are sometimes difficult to check in large Revit models. This video shows how filter_loads Filter Loads can help.

In this video, the model is ready for a Finite Element analysis: it has a clean analytical model, boundary conditions and loads. To check quickly if all the required loads are defined correctly in the model, in SOFiSTiK Analysis, under group Utilities, click on the arrow . It displays the additional command filter_loads Filter Loads. Pin it to the task bar if you want it to stay visible.

Start the filter_loads Filter Loads. A window appear listing you all load cases which loads are visible in the active view. Click on one load case to display only the loads belonging to this load case. Use the keyboard keys SHIFT and CTRL to select several load cases together.

For example, you can display exclusively the loads in wind direction X and wind direction Y load cases. Click on Keep View to interact with the Revit model. Filter Loads automatically creates and apply a Revit filter in the active view. If wanted you can see this filter in the Revit dialog and copy, rename or adjust it to your needs.

To return to the initial state with all the loads visible:

  • Click again on Filter Loads

  • Do not select any load case

  • Click on Keep View

Now, all loads are again visible in the view.

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