Dynamo and SOFiSTiK

Dynamo is a Visual Programming Language and an Open Source Development.

SOFiSTiK provides a package so-called SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design which contains the following structure:

The package allows to access:

  • SOFiSTiK Structural Informations
  • SOFiSTiK Results
  • SOFiSTiK Calculation
  • SOFiSTiK Generate Main and Subsystem
  • SOFiSTiK Export Main and Subsystem

New Nodes available in the Dynamo interface allowing:

  • Calculate any Teddy File
  • Export Subsystem
  • Export Mainsystem
  • Tendon Informations
  • Tendon Prestressing Systems


The SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design package supports the Dynamo Core 2.2.x and Dynamo Revit 2.1.x.x version.


The SOFiSTiK Analysis + Design package is shipped with examples in the installation folder ../extra. Information about the installation folder see Installation of Dynamo