Creates a 3D model of a bridge railing along the chosen edge. The geometry of the railing is defined in Railing Revit Family.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge tab > Create panel > icon_Railing (Railing)

    SOFiSTiK: Create Railing dialog displays.

  2. In ‘General’ tab set an ‘Offset’ and ‘Indention’ parameter values and layout rule.

  3. In ‘Panel’ and ‘End Post’ tabs, select an appropriate Railing Families and set the parameter values. Confirm with OK.

  4. Select an edge or activate ‘Multiple’ checkbox in left top corner, select edges and click Finish.



Layout rule defines the distribution and placement of the panel segments along the chosen edge. You can adjust spacing between two posts by setting a corresponding value in distance parameter.


Offset Parameter defines the distance between the chosen edge and the axis of the railing. Indention parameter defines the distance between beginning/end of an edge to the first/last railing’s post.


While selecting multiple edges, make sure that all the edges are creating continuous line.