Unfolded Section

Creates an unfolded section representation. Detail elements are generated with lines and patters of cut elements and edges of projected elements on vertical surface.

Representation of the cut elements and projected edges is done using lines and patterns in Detail Family. Each Detail Family refers to one object and is placed in section with reference to the and axis and view direction.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge tab > Shop Drawings panel > icon_Unfolded_Section (Unfolded Section)

  2. Select an Axis or Curve Element (Model Line or Generic Model Line).

  3. Select point on element to define view direction.

    SOFiSTiK: Unfolded Section dialog displays.

  4. Choose whether or not you want to place additional annotations elements or create the projection of additional edges on the surface.

  5. In case you choose an option: Far Clip > Selected Elements, select all elements, which edges you want to show in the section and confirm with Finish.

  6. Confirm with OK.

  7. Unfolded View is being created and opened.


You can open each Detail Item in the section (e.g. with double-click), adjust it and load again into project.


If ‘Create w/o Detail Items’ checkbox is activated, longitudinal section will be created with single lines and filled region items. This option accelerates the creation of unfolded longitudinal section significantly.


This Section will not be automatically updated. After changes in the model, you need to use Unfolded View view command again. We recommend to use this command when your model is ready.