Connect to CDB

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Problem Description

To connect to the CDB, the project must be configured (see Fortran). The example bellow shows how to connect to the CDB.

Problem Solution

An example can be found by following:

C:\<sofistik_installation>\2020\SOFiSTiK 2020\interfaces\examples\fortran\connect_to_cdb
Connect to CDB example
program connect_to_CDB
implicit none

! Variables
integer :: nid, l, ie, index, istat
character(len=30)   :: filename
character(len=72)   :: text

index = 99
! input here the CDB name or the CDB path
filename = "S:\test\connect_to_cdb.cdb"

! Connect to CDB
! In this example 64bit debug DLL is used
call cdinit(filename, index)
if (nid > 0) then
    write(*,*) "  cdb_init of ", filename," succesfull ", nid
    write(*,*) "  cdb_init of ", filename," not succesfull ", nid

! Check status
call cdstat(index, istat)
print *, "CDB status is: ", istat

! Lets close the CDB now
call cdclose(0)

! Check status again, if closed, status = 0
call cdstat(index, istat)
print *, "CDB status is: ", istat

! Press <ENTER> key to close the program
print *, "Press <ENTER> key to close the program"
read (*,*)

end program connect_to_CDB

Please modify the .CDB path in the code. If the .CDB file does not exist it will be created, because of the cdbIndex=99 value (for more details please read CDBASE.CHM).

filename = "connect_to_cdb.cdb"

The interfaces example folder contains:

  • connect_to_CDB.Solution

  • connect_to_CDB (folder)

  • connect_to_CDB/connect_to_CDB.f90

  • connect_to_CDB/connect_to_CDB.vfproj