Creates 3D Reinforcement in a concrete element (beam, column, floor, slab, wall) according to the data contained on the selected database.

  1. Activate the view in which you want to create reinforcement.
  2. Do one of the following:
  • Select an element > click Reinforcement tab > Reinforcement Generation panel > icon_Create (Create)
  • Click Reinforcement tab > Reinforcement Generation panel > icon_Create (Create)

The Create Reinforcement configuration dialog displays.

  1. In Selection tab, select an element to reinforce (if not done in step 2) and choose data source (SOFiSTiK Database .cdb or Revit results package)
  2. In Settings tab, select constraints files and decide whether visualization of reinforcement distribution will be generated automatically or not.
  3. Select desired bar diameter for each layer and direction (Floors, Walls, Slabs) or longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups (Beams, Columns) both for required and base reinforcement.


You can change anchorage length of reinforcement by modyfing the constraints file.

The Create command automatically generates a 3D rebar model for beams, columns, walls and slabs from computed design results. This 3D rebar model might serve as an automatically generated recommendation which fulfills the required reinforcement and which can be modified and further refined by the user.

The required reinforcement values are expected to be stored either in a related SOFiSTiK database (.cdb) or directly in the Revit project in form of results packages.

The reinforcement generation is controlled by means of design rules which are coded in text files and can be freely modified.