Assign Group

../../_images/assign_group_16.png SOF_SE_ASSIGN_GROUP


Assign Group


Changes the group designation and the group number of existing elements.





TOOLTIP Changes the group designation and the group number of existing elements.

The colors will be shown via the command group visualisation.

Group Number

After calling the command the color scheme 1 is set. The upper part of the dialog offers the following options:

  • Selection of an existing group in the listbox

  • Enter a new group number by overwriting the value in the listbox

  • Enter an offset value and click on an arrow button next to the listbox

After selecting the desired group, structural elements can be selected in the drawing. The selection of different element types in one step (e.g. structural line and structural area) is allowed.

The AutoCAD selection options are available for selecting the elements. The elements are always changed completely (with all sub-elements). These are e.g. for the structural line supports as well as bedding. Sub-elements can be selected with the pressed ctrl key.

The new group number is assigned when the object selection is completed with RETURN on the keyboard.

The modification is immediately visible by the change of color.

The visibility of the elements can simultaneous be controlled via the filter.

Group Designation

Additional in the lower part of the dialog the existing groups are listed. On the left side the group number is shown. On the right side one can give a group designation. This is written to the database during export and is therefore available in the output programs.

If the designations were created with the ASCII input, they are not immediately available when a drawing is opened. But they may be imported. If only the designation of the groups should be imported, please note to uncheck the option “Replace Existing Elements” during the command import.


If group numbers are removed by deleting the assigned elements, the corresponding group designations are also deleted.