Create Schedule

The Create Schedule tool creates a printable reinforcement document with the required bending information and weight summary. Depending on the mode for marks, the schedule will represent the reinforcement of the chosen sheet/host or the entire project.

  1. Choose whether the output will be created in the SOFiSTiK Report Browser (.plb) or as Word OpenXML document (.docx) on the Schedule tab in the Settings dialog.

  2. Click Reinforcement tab > Schedule panel > Schedule drop-down > icon_CreateSchedule (Create Schedule).

The Select Sheet/Host dialog displays (In case active view is not a sheet in the mode “marks per sheet”)

  1. Select a sheet/host in the dialog.

Depending on your chosen format the Schedule opens either as Word OpenXML document or as Report Browser document.



See the Reinforcement Schedules page to learn more about customizing a schedule.