Preparations and Downloads

Visit the SOFiSTiK Website Download Page to get an overview of all SOFiSTiK products and versions available for download.


Install System Updates, Exit Applications, Disable Anti-virus Products

Install system updates and reboot your computer. Before beginning the installation exit all applications that are currently running. Security software like anti-virus products may interfere with the installation process. Temporarily disabling them or white-listing SOFiSTiK files may help if you encounter problems during installation.

Administrative Permissions

Local User Administrative permissions are required to install SOFiSTiK software. Check the user permissions by going to: Control Panel ‣ User Accounts ‣ Manage User Accounts


Domain User Administrative permissions may not be sufficient to install SOFiSTiK software on your computer. Contact your system administrator if you do not have Local User Administrative permissions.

Ports and Server Whitelisting

The communication between SOFiSTiK software and Wibu CodeMeter Runtime for licensing requires TCP/UDP Port 22350 and 22352 to be open. Please make sure this port is not blocked by any firewall.

For software and license updates, make sure not to block the corresponding SOFiSTiK servers:

  • Server:

  • Server:

  • Protocol: HTTPS

  • Port: 443

Proxy Server Settings

SOFiSTiK Application Manager and SOFiSTiK License Manager will use the configured Windows system proxy settings. So usually, there is nothing that needs to be done.

If your infrastructure relies on “automatic proxy setup” or “Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol” (WPAD), we currently do not support that. For this scenario, you can configure the proxy server manually in a config file. Create a text file inside the directory C:\ProgramData\SOFiSTiK\conf\ and name it proxy.json. Here is an example of the file content for proxy.json:

  "proxy": [ "https=localhost:8080" ],
  "proxy_bypass": [],
  "disable_loopback_proxy_bypass_for_localhost": false,
  "socks_proxy" : ""

SOFiSTiK Version Compatibility Matrix

Check the following version matrix for the list of compatible Autodesk product versions and compatible OS versions required to install and run our product.

SOFiSTiK Version Compatibility Matrix