Girder Layout

Girder Layout is a collection of lines that represents beams for multi girder bridges. You can place Beams on the selected spans of Girder Layout. For more information, please see Workflow for Multi Girder Bridges. Position of each Girder is tightly connected to the axis geometry, placements and girder reference.


You can place more Beams Elements on one Girder Span.


You can create girders (lines) grouped in spans between two chosen placements along an axis. Girder Layout is created according to the Girder Reference and given layout rule.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge tab > Create panel > icon_Girder_System (Girder Layout) drop-down > icon_Girder_System_Create (Create)

  2. Select an axis.

    SOFiSTiK: Girder Layout dialog displays.

  3. In tab Girder Reference, set parameters for range (width) of spans, parametrisation mode and rotation. All settings in this tab are valid for whole girder system.

  4. In tab Spans, create spans according to the given layout rule between selected placements or delete them from Girder System.

  5. Confirm with OK when ready.

Girder Reference tab


  • Select Profile Family with defined Girder Reference. All available Girder Reference Families in the project will be listed.

  • Parameters - you can control the geometry of Girder Reference Family and Girder Reference line. Give a constant value to the parameter or assign a parameter to the variable or secondary axis. The parameters will be filled with the proper value according to the chosen variable along an axis.

  • Shape Handle Points - you can assign the shape handle point of the family to the selected axis or secondary axis. Assigned point will follow the curve along the axis in the Bridge Profile plane and influence the profile geometry.


Shape Handle Points needs to have a name in order to be shown in the table.



In preview window, you can see seleceted Profile Family with marked the Girder Referance. Green and red cylinder indicate Start and End of Girder Reference accordingly. Two horizontal grey lines show the range (width) of Girder Span. Girder Spans will be distributed between them. This lines are adjusted according to the current parameters and Offsets at Start and End of Girder Reference.

Girder Layout

  • Parametrization mode:
    • Horizontal projection - length of Girder Reference is calculated according to horizontally projected marked lines (see picture above)

    • Arc Length - length of Girder Reference is calculated according to the actual length of marked lines

  • Placement Rotation
    • Ignore - Girder Span will not be influenced by the placement’s rotation

    • Pure Rotation - position of Girders will be calculated according to the rotated placement’s plane

    • Shear Mapping - position of Girders will be calculated according to the projection on rotated placement’s plane

  • Edge Offsets - Offset from Start and End (left/right or right/left) edge of girder reference lines. Start and End are marked by Green and Red cylinders accordingly. Current width of the girder span is shown by two vertical grey lines.

Spans tab


In preview window, you can see currently defined spans and the axis.


Select placements to create spans between them. You can create only one Girder Span between two selected placements.


Choose layout rule to define the distribution of the girders in the span. Girders will be distributed according to the range (width) defined in Girder Reference Tab (marked by two vertical grey lines).


This list shows currently available span in the Girder System. You can create span according to given settings by clicking on ‘Create >>’ button Delete span by marking one in the list and clicking ‘Delete X’ button. Use mourse right-click for multiselection or deleting.


Edits previously created Girder System. You can easily apply any changes in Girder System Dialog and update your structure.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge tab > Create panel > icon_Girder_System (Girder System) drop-down > icon_Girder_System_Edit (Edit)

  2. Select Span.

    SOFiSTiK: Girder Layout dialog displays with previous input data.

  3. Adjust the parameter values and other settings and confirm with OK.

  4. The Girder Layout is updated according to the current definition.


Disconnects Girder Layout from its axis. Girder Spans lose dependency to the axis. Changes applied to the axis will not influence Girder Layout.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge tab > Create panel > icon_Girder_System (Girder System) drop-down > icon_Girder_System_Disconnect (Disconnect)

  2. Select one Girder Span of Girder Layout.

  3. Girder Layout is disconnected from its axis.