Import Model

Extracts a geometrical and material data out of SOFiSTiK Central Database (*.cdb) file and creates a 3D solid model representation of the structural elements and tendons. Other objects like cross sections, grids and alignments can be created simultaneously.

Created model will be positioned in such a way, that origin of coordinates of structural system (in *.cdb file) will correspond to the Project Base Point in Revit Project.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge tab > Import panel > icon_import_model (Import Model)

    SOFiSTiK: Import Model dialog displays.

  2. Customize the import setting according to your preferences and click OK.

  3. 3D model will be created in your project.



You can import some objects, like contour lines, after creating the geometry. You need to deactivate ‘Import Structural Elements as’ checkbox.


Combine Structural Elements in axis doesn’t work in every case. If Direct Shape chosen, all structural lines along one axis have to be defined with the same cross section. The differences in cross-sections of an elements may not allow them to combine in along one axis.


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