The command Other provides access to the following links and resources.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge > Other panel > icon_Other (Other).

  • Select Language - you can change the User Interface language. The changes will be applied in the next Revit session.

  • License Update - you can use this tool to updates the your license.

  • Log File - Opens a text file with recorded events that occurred in the software.

  • Edit DirectShapes - Opens selected DirectShapes object in Revit Family Editor. You can adjust this element according to your wish. Geometry of an element is updated after switching to the project window.

  • Edit Axis Curve - Opens selected Axis defined by curve in Revit Family Editor. You can adjust this element according to your wish. Geometry of an element is updated after closing the family editor. This tool works only with Axes created from curves or imported using the coordinate points (CSV file).

  • Measure 3D - measure the distance between selected points in 3D view


Use shortcut ‘wt’ to open both project and family windows on your screen. It gives you more control and flexibility in modeling.

  • Sketch Axis - you can sketch an axis using straight lines, arc and spiral elements on horizontal level. You can edit created Axis and define vertical alignment and other properties.

  • Split Axis - Splits selected axis at the given station. Created elements on the axis will be assinged to their respected new axes. An Axis with smaller stationing will remain its name. In case any infrastructure element, such as Superstructure component or Cross Member Array is defined between two axes, it will be disconnected.


You can select the station by clicking on the axis, selecting the placement of any axis or simply typing the station value.

  • Rail Bridge workflow
    • Rail Axis

    • Rehost Axis

    • CrossBeam system

    • Disconnect CrossBeams

    • Truss

  • Profile Dimensions - places dimensions defined in Profile Families into the active Section View. Profile Families from all visible Superstructure Components will be taken into account.

  • Element Dimensions - creates multiple dimension lines based using all available references of selected element.

  • References Dimensions - creates dimension line from selected references. Only cut-edge references can be selected in selection box.

  • Cut-edge Dimensions - places dimension line in section and changes selected references to cut-edge references.