User Interface

The command User Interface provides access to the following tools.

Infra Browser


You can open an Infra Browser Panel to browse through SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure elements. All objects will be listed with in the expabdable tree showcasting it’s data and dependencies between the elements. You can select any elements to run a context relevant command, such as: Show, Isolate, Delete, Refresh elements or Process Pendings and Show Selected (objects in model space).

Infra Browser will be automatically recreated by opening the project, switching between the documents and (re)openign the Infra Browser. You can do it manually by clicking with right mouse button on an empty space and selecting Re-Create command.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge > Other panel > icon_User_Interface (User Interface) > Infra Browser

  2. Activate (or deactivate) Infra Browser panel using the checkbox.

  3. Infra Browser panel displays.

  4. Browse through created elements and use context relevant commands to navigate in your model.


Element Info

Show additional information of selected element in the Browser such as names, ID(s) and warning


You can rename the Superstructure, Superstructure Repeater and Terrain in Element Info panel.

Station Query

You can query an information of any station on the axis (ID, Station and coordinates). Corresponding data will be listed in the Station Query panel. You can save this data in the TXT file or create a table in CSV or OpenXML XLSX file using commands in the bottom of the panel.

  1. Click SOFiSTiK Bridge > Other panel > icon_User_Interface (User Interface) > Station Query

  2. Activate (or deactivate) Station Query panel using the checkbox.

  3. Station Query panel displays.

  4. Use commands in the bottom of the panel to query icon_Six_Station_Selection an axis, save data icon_SiX_Save_File or clear the panel icon_Six_Delete .