What’s new in SOFiCAD 2022

Service Pack 2022-4

  • Command TXT2MTXT has been added to the ribbons. NOTE: To use the command, the directory C:UsersAppDataRoamingSOFiSTiK2022Sofia must be deleted before SOFiCAD start.

  • Running lengths rebars are now exported to BVBS format.

  • Fixed a problem with the definition of the 3D spacer.

  • Problem related to increased index in DOCX rebar schedule has been fixed

  • Added new .docx template, with bending list only, similar to the well-known report browser.

  • Lines corresponding to a position are no longer separated in lists, this setting is made in all reinforcement schedules delivered with the installation.

Service Pack 2022-3

  • New feature: you can produce the pictures in bar bending schedules (Open XML format) with values for segment lengths.

  • Fixed issue related to writing BVBS file format for a rebar shape resulted after mirroring of an existing one.

  • Fixed issue related to Open XML reinforcement schedule when secondary scale area are used.

  • Support Wizard was fixed for SOFiCAD OEM version.

  • Fixed issue related to Open XML difference reinforcement schedule.

  • Fixed issue related to Open XML sum reinforcement schedule.

  • The links to SOFiCAD documentation were fixed.

Service Pack 2022-2

  • Issue solved in Open XML Format reinforcement list related to running lengths.

  • Issue solved in Open XML Format related to calculation of hooks lengths.

  • Issue solved in Open XML Format related to detailing the spacer profile.

  • SOFiSTiK Drop-Down Menu in SOFiCAD OEM user interface fixed.

  • Drawing template soficad clasic fixed.

  • Issue fixed in alignment module related to writing infinit symbol for straight axis radius.

Service Pack 2022-1

  • Error fixed regarding the calculation of weight for linear spacers.

  • Error fixed related with placement of overlapping lengths for reinforcement fabrics.

  • Error fixed for varying reinforcement shape code according to ISO EN 46 parameter C.

  • Error fixed in the Open-XML format for difference schedule related with bent fabrics.

  • Error fixed related to counting of the segmented distributions (parted laying).

  • Error fixed related to browsing through the reinforcement fabric positions.

  • Error fixed regarding writing of comments for the profile coresponding to a member.

Service Pack 2022-0

  • Compatibility with AutoCAD 2022: SOFiCAD 2022 is an add-on to AutoCAD 2022. Especially the function BFE-Show allows to check the drawn reinforcement with calculation results.


BFE-Show reads reinforcement results from files like: -.asf; -.dat, -.cdb, -.fsx. This means that you can check your drawing in SOFiCAD even if the calculation was done with another software than the one from the SOFiSTiK suite (SOFiSTiK FEA or SOFiSTiK Analysis and Design for Revit).

  • Reinforcement Schedule in OpenXML format (-.docx): We have significantly improved the new reinforcement schedule and recommend using this new feature. We appreciate your feedback on support@sofistik.de.

  • BAMTEC module: Reinforcement carpets in extended TEC and/or PXML format can be converted into an IFC model (requires a free tool from Häussler Innovation), which can later be used for collision checking in a BIM environment.

  • Improvement of the BVBS format: For couplers, spacers, custom fabrics and bent fabric we have improved the functionality. This makes the transfer of information from planning to production more convenient.

  • Quick selection: Improvement for bar rebar profiles. There is a new parameter (Type) in the Behaviour group of properties, with it you can now distinguish the bar steel extractions by “Main”, “Extract in formwork”, “Copy”, “Construction stage extract” and “Extract of distributor bar”.