What’s new in SOFiCAD 2023#

Service Pack 2023-2#

  • New SOFiCAD product available via SOFiSTiK Application Manager. SOFiCAD AEC is a new OEM product (stand-alone and as perpetual license available) which uses an AutoCAD Architecure core.

  • SOFiCAD UI is partially available also in french: CUIX for the Reinforcement and Detailing modules are translated (context ribbons are still missing).

  • Specific bending diameters according to national France standard are implemented in program.

  • Fixed issue related to how the segment values are exported for shapes with obtuse bending angle.

  • Fixed issue related to member multiplikator and variable marks.

  • Fixed issue related to how the marks with compact table are exported in docx schedule.

  • Fixed issue related to how additional bars for varying marks are exported.

Service Pack 2023-1#

  • SOFiCAD OEM improved with Alignment and Steelwork modules from SOFiCAD full version. (For this you need an extra license - CADY granule)

  • Members are able to be exported in separate docx schedules.

  • Issue with running lengths marks in docx schedule solved.

  • Issue related with creation of a new viewport which lead to a crash solved.

  • Some issues which lead to crashes in steelworks module solved.

  • Issue related with wrong hook directions solved.

Service Pack 2023-0#

  • With version 2023 we start an annual release cycle of SOFiCAD.

  • The Open XML rebar schedule (-.docx) can be inserted into the plan with this version.

  • Fixed a crash when working with externally referenced drawings.

  • The recognition of bending shapes according to EN ISO is preset in the drawing templates.