BE50: A Circular Cavity Embedded in a Full-Plane Under Impulse Pressure

This example addresses a circular cavity embedded in a full-plane subjected to a radial pressure. The full-plane is assumed to be elastic, homogeneous, isotropic, without
material damping which stretches to infinity and it is modeled with the help of the Scaled Boundary Finite Elements (SBFE). Plane-strain condition is considered. Load is in a form of a triangular impulse and applied on the cavity wall. Radial displacement response of the cavity wall has been computed and compared to the analytical solution.This is one example of our Verification Manual. You can find the whole manual in SSD and TEDDY via menue Help > Verification Manual, the input data files in TEDDY via menue Help> examples... > verification.

Typ Benchmark Beispiel
Produktgruppe Statik / Dynamik / FEM
Anwendung Allgemein
Datum 27.06.2014
Keywords Benchmark example, quality assurance